We create superior, customer-focused solutions and services which deliver tangible economic impact through technology.
Underpinned by extensive industry knowledge, technical and applications expertise, Forth helps customers better understand a wide variety of technologies from software to hardware. Our technologies are used by corporations and government bodies in a wide range of industries and organisations to solve the challenges associated with maximising productivity, developing better quality products and getting them to market faster.
Our highlighted products
Smart Coffee Machine
(Tao-Bin Café)

A robotic, fully-automated barista available 24/7 to address audience demand of varying sizes and cycles.

Top-up & Payment Machine
(Boonterm Kiosk)

Top-up and Payment machine services with diverse functionality such as mobile top-up, bill payment and many more services.

Electronic Monitoring

Forth Tag Lock EM is the industry’s most flexible RF home curfew system for low-risk offenders with reliable tamper-proof technology.

(EV Charger)

Smart modern charging stations for every application.

Our design and manufacturing services
When developing highly complex products, Forth provides customers with everything from idea to finished product and after-sales services. We think product life-cycle from the start and are the ultimate one-stop-shop for outsourced product development and manufacturing services. We design and manufacture high-complexity products for global markets.


Forth has the expertise to take care of every step in the development process, from early concept design to volume manufacturing.


Forth provides various services within the manufacturing, assembling and testing of electronic products for the professional market.


Forth can work with you for the full lifetime of your product. We even have the expertise to extend your product’s lifecycle.

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