Boonterm Petrol Kiosk
A small petrol station and a petrol vending machine are popular businesses among grassroots entrepreneurs. FORTH has developed Boonterm Petrol Kiosk that helps open petrol business easier and safer.
Small gas station and oil vending machines

Boonterm Petrol Kiosk is an innovative self-service petrol kiosk that is packed with new technologies to enhance safety and convenience. Boonterm Petrol Kiosk is ideal for communities that do not have a petrol station within 20 km. Boonterm Petrol Kiosk is provided by Forth Smart Service Public Co., Ltd.

Boonterm Petrol Kiosk

  • A 10’’ user-friendly touch screen.
  • A counterfeit banknote and counterfeit coin detector.
  • An overfill prevention system and a fuel theft prevention valve.
  • An online alarm system that will notify the support center in case of theft.
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