Our Vision
Forth Corporation Public Company Limited

Forth Corporation Public Company Limited is a research, development, production organization. Distribute and provide information communication technology services. and all kinds of electronic including a network of automated and financial service channels Excellent all-in-one under good corporate governance by focusing on sustainable growth Social and environmental responsibility.

Forth Corporation Public Company Limited
Forth Corporation Public Company Limited was founded in 1989 under the original name of Genius Communication System Company Limited with initial registered capital of 1.0 million baht to operate business on manufacturing PABX systems under the trademark of FORTH, including the manufacturing and assembling printed circuit boards and electronic devices followed by the capital increase and extend the line of business to ongoing business such as manufacturer and distributor of telecommunication equipment, domestically produced electrical meter, electronic systems, etc. Until 2005, the Company was registered a public limited company under the name of Forth Corporation Public Company Limited

EMS business

Design, assemble and manufacture innovative products under the brands of customers and affiliates.

Business Enterprise Solutions

Telecommunication Solution Service Electronic equipment in public and private projects.

Business Smart Service

Comprehensive financial transaction service and service vending machines for goods and beverages.

promote research and research to expand the business to create a variety of products and services

Adjust the business plan according to the dynamics of marketing. and expectations of stakeholders towards the organization

Maintain benefits for shareholders, customers, business partners, employees, communities, society, environment and government sectors.

Fulfill your research capacity Innovation, design, development, acquisition, production, sales, marketing and distribution channels.

Access customer satisfaction and after-sales service.

Our Story


Separate the company's production facilities. Came out as a limited company in the name of Fort EMS Company Limited to operate a full-service contract assembly and manufacturing service for electronic products.


Established Forth Vending Company Limited to operate business related to Vending Machine.


Transforming Forth Smart Service Company Limited into a public company and Listed on the MAI Stock Exchange.


Established Forth Smart Service Co., Ltd. to operate a mobile top-up service provider and online payment via automated kiosks. under the trademark


Transformed into a public company and listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand under the name of Forth Corporation Public Company Limited.


The Amatanon Group and Mr. Phunsak Siriphongpreeda started the foundation of the Electronic Source Co.,Ltd. (ES), which is the initial business of the Company to sell electronic components.

Message from CEO
I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all shareholders, directors, employees, customers, suppliers, business partners as well as all stakeholders, which have been essential part to the success of the Group over the passing time. The Group will continue to adhere to the principles of good governance along with a commitment to developing innovations that are beneficial to both business and society today and in the future.
Pongchai Amatanon

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, FORTH


IT Prince Award Ratanaratchasuda Information No. 5

Multi Service Access Network

Best Supplier Award

Pioneer Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Toshiba Carrier (Thailand) Co., Ltd. Western Digital (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Performance Achievement Award

Western Digital (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Award for Good Cooperation

Pioneer Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

National innovation in the economy

Mini Multi Service Access Network National Innovation Agency (NIA)

Award for Good Cooperation

Pioneer Manufacturing (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

Inventing science and technology

Multi Service Access Network Office of the National Research Council (NRCT)

The best innovation of Thai telecommunication

FORTH X-TRANS WDM Access Switch Telecommunications Industry Research and Development Institute (TRIDI)

Telecommunication Innovation

Multi Service Access Network Office of the National Telecommunications Commission