Traffic Light System
Because Thailand’s traffic volume is increasing every year, FORTH has developed smart traffic solutions to elevate the quality of transportation nationwide.
Smart Traffic Light System
Besides manufacturing high-quality traffic light devices such as LED traffic lights, countdown traffic lights, pedestrian crossing traffic lights, and traffic light controllers, FORTH also developed innovative smart traffic light systems. FORTH’s smart traffic light systems are installed in Bangkok Metropolitan and other provinces that aim to enhance traffic systems to handle their traffic volume efficiently.
Smart Traffic Light System

  • Connect traffic lights between intersections to work relative to each other. so that the car has the opportunity to receive a continuous green light.
  • There is a device to monitor the traffic on all sides of the intersection. to adjust the traffic lights in accordance with the amount of vehicles.
  • There is a device to check the traffic signal system. and notify the control center in the event of a malfunction.
FORTH's intelligent traffic light system is provided by Genius Traffic System Company Limited, a subsidiary of FORTH Corporation Public Company Limited.


Our Smart Traffic Light System are trusted by Thailand government

FORTH doesn't just produce traffic signal lights for a wide range of applications, such as LED traffic signal lamps, countdown traffic signal lamps. cross traffic lights And the FORTH traffic light control cabinet also brings new innovations. Let's develop an intelligent traffic signal system as well. FORTH has been entrusted to install traffic lights in Bangkok. including various provinces who want to change the traffic light system to be more efficient to accommodate the increased traffic volume.

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