Message From The CEO
Pongchai Amatanon

Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, FORTH

COVID-19 outbreak is changing our world. Every business needs to accelerate to adapt to the economic contraction, stagnating purchasing power and changing consumer behavior.

Although in 2020 the outbreak of COVID-19 inevitably affect the operations of the Forth group, this challenge becomes the opportunity for the Forth group, focusing on research and development product by itself, to prove itself as a technology expert. Through years Forth has researched and developed solutions that support future life including the development of electric vehicle chargers to meet the increasing demands of users along with raising the standard of work and service in various projects that the Company group is involved to make them ready for bigger projects in the future. As well as further innovation of fresh coffee vending machines and automates beverage maker which is in line with the new way of life in the coming of digital technology age.

Another thing that helps Forth quickly cope with the current situation is the business group restructuring that started two years ago. At present, all 3 business groups which are Enterprise Solutions Business, EMS business and smart service businesses use their own strengths to respond to the opportunities arising from the transition to the New Normal, and support each other in technology and business. This can help reduce the impact on the Company group from economic contraction due to the COVID-19 outbreak. Furthermore, the Company has responded to the crisis with prudently proactive. The Company was able to generate strong profit amid this challenging time.

Although no one has been able to predict when will this crisis end and how it will end but we can see the changing trends in consumer behavior that are taking place and develop products and services that are compliant with Future way of life. This is a challenging mission and a great opportunity of the Forth Group. I believe our availability of people, technology, and our dynamic adaptability will enable the Forth Group to thrive in the future steadily and sustainably.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you all shareholders, directors, employees, customers, suppliers, business partners as well as all stakeholders, which have been essential part to the success of the Group over the passing time. The Group will continue to adhere to the principles of good governance along with a commitment to developing innovations that are beneficial to both business and society today and in the future.